Poker Face

16 November 202295 min

Everyone has a limit.

Cast & Crew



Hugh Bateup

Production Design

Jan Edwards

Set Decoration


Costume & Make-Up

Sheldon Wade

Makeup Artist

Gypsy Taylor

Costume Designer

Lynne O'Brien

Makeup Designer


Aaron McLisky


Visual Effects

Prue Fletcher

Visual Effects Producer

David Booth

Visual Effects Supervisor

Fun Facts of Movie

Crowe plays Jake, a tech billionaire who gathers his childhood friends to his Miami estate for what turns into a high stakes game of poker. Those friends have a love hate relationship with the host, a master game-player/planner, and he has concocted an elaborate scheme designed to bring a certain justice to all of them. However, Jake finds himself re-thinking his strategy when his Miami mansion is overtaken by a dangerous home invader whose previous jobs have all ended in murder and arson.
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